B2B marketers are increasingly targeting younger, digital-first audiences on social media platforms, as noted in Insider Intelligence’s  B2B Digital Ad Spend Forecast 2023 report. While LinkedIn and Meta will account for a combined 42.2% of US B2B digital ad spend in 2024, according to current forecasts, TikTok is emerging as a contender for organic and creator-based B2B marketing. Here’s the case for B2B marketing on TikTok, using US data but equally applicable, in terms of the arguments, to a European audience.

TikTok has a massive, engaged audience.

  • The platform will have 87.3 million US adult users in 2024, or 32.6% of US adults, according to a June 2023 forecast.
  • Those adult users will average 55 minutes per day on the platform, per our forecast, putting TikTok ahead of YouTube (50 minutes) and Facebook (30 minutes) in terms of time spent by US adult users.

B2B influencers are already on TikTok.

Gen Zers and millennials are becoming B2B buyers.

  • These generations are getting older and taking on more decision-making in the B2B buying process.
  • People ages 25 to 34 make up nearly a quarter of US TikTok users in 2024, a higher share than any other age range. This age group includes those making B2B buying decisions or those working with decision-makers who could be influenced by this age group’s media habits.