Why work with Caspia on your Business Development & Marketing?

Pam Vick has worked at the most senior marketing director level on the client marketing side (Hertz European Marketing Director, 9 countries) as well as the advertising agency side (Leo Burnett International, Group Director), and also as executive management team member on an online success story (StepStone.com), including successfully completing an IPO which raised over 200m Euros. She has also worked as an independent marketing and business development consultant for the past 17 years. 

Pam has over 25 years of marketing and business development experience in total, working with major blue chip companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Alcatel, Perrier, Kraft General Foods, Cadbury, Sanyo, Express Newspapers, O2, Haymarket Publishing and currently works with SME companies, including start-ups, to help them develop strong business cases, build business plans and develop and grow their businesses. Pam also mentors and trains company CEOs and senior directors in business development and marketing, especially digital and online marketing, sometimes working directly for the business owner and sometimes contracted by investors.

 She has been a client and understands the importance of return on marketing investment, unlike many marketing consultants who have never run a commercial marketing department or led a business with P&L responsibility. Through her work at StepStone she also has an understanding of stakeholder and investor communications and the processes involved in raising capital and floating a company.

Because clients can book from one day per month of Pam’s time, they benefit from the experience of a £250k per year marketing director – but in affordable project timescales and/or via monthly retainer fees with no overheads, on an ongoing basis. Additionally, because Caspia as a “virtual agency” puts together a specific team for each client contract, clients are not reliant on whoever happens to be employed by an agency at any given time in terms of skillset, as is the case with most agencies. Additionally, clients can “plug in” Caspia resources as and when they need them on an ad hoc basis.

Nor do clients pay for expensive office overheads. Pam works with a large team of over 100 experienced freelancers across all marketing disciplines, so you can always be sure she will put the right team together for a specific client project.

Clients have immediate, efficient access, in one place, from a single source, to all round marketing and business development expertise – online as well as offline, all sectors, B2B and B2C, through the line marketing expertise as well as market research, website development, TV, radio and press advertising, PR, partnership marketing, SEO, offline collateral development, content development/distribution and social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, Pinterest, blogging etc. Key services over and above Pam’s strategic planning and business development consultancy include:

Business workshops

Graphic design and Branding

Copywriting and content creation

Media planning and negotiation (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online)

Website planning, design, build, management and tech support

SEO and website optimisation

Data analysis and strategic planning based on Client Data, Analytics and Call Tracking

Adwords PPC paid search programme build and management

Market research, surveys

Social Media management

Partnerships marketing – planning, identifying, implementation

Events planning and management


Pam also has an extensive network of useful contacts built up over 40 years in marketing and business development. She can open lots of doors and is extremely well connected. Caspia offers a “door opening” service to clients, covered usually by a retainer fee. This service can be used to establish introductions to relevant contacts via LinkedIn or personal introduction, for example senior staff in relevant local corporate offices. We would work together to identify the key organisations we want to talk to, the relevant people internally and then we would arrange introductions and meetings with the relevant senior directors, for example.

Marketing • Advertising • Media • Internet • PR