Advertising & Media Planning

Caspia works independently and also with selected specialist advertising and media agency partners to develop advertising creative work and plan media campaigns for clients, both for long term clients we have worked with for many years and also on a project basis.

We work across all marketing channels including TV, video and webcasts, radio, print, posters, social media and digital, including apps and mobile.

Also, we develop and print collateral materials including stationery, business cards, promotional leaflets, and also bespoke promotional materials including branded workwear.

You can see examples of some of our work and the campaigns we have been involved in here below:

Stonehill Mortgages pitchside advertising hoarding
Daily Star Queen press ad
Bigmore Associated press ad by Caspia Consultancy
Bigmore Associated Life Cover press ad by Caspia Consultancy
Presteigne Video Hire press ad by Caspia Consultancy

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