Email Marketing & Newsletters

We have worked with many clients to help them develop compelling and successful email marketing campaigns and newsletters, using various platforms including Constant Contact and Mailchimp as well as bespoke systems.

We can set up your email marketing or newsletter campaigns from scratch or take over and improve existing campaigns and we have a wealth of learning and comparative statistics to help our clients to continually produce best practice materials.

We work with clients on:

Creative template development


Promotional development

Sending and Reporting


 AB Testing

Multi-funnel campaigns

Automated email marketing campaigns

A simple example of an email marketing campaign for our fintech client UniZest, targeted at international students can we seen here.

Click here to see a promotional consultancy offer for our client Gallery Partnership.

For Carbon Accountancy we create regular news bulletins for clients and they also love our Christmas cards!

MissionBox sends weekly emails with tips and ideas for their charity target prospects.


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