This morning I received an email newsletter from a “competitor” ( at least in terms of some of the services we provide). I don’t remember when or why I signed up for it; perhaps I wanted to download something they were offering in return for data capture (always a good idea), perhaps I was recommended to them as san agency that produces interesting and useful content – or pehaps I signed up for their newsletter as a potential source of interesting blog ideas. Memory fails me (not unusual!)

Anyway, I thought there was some really interesting content in their newsletter today, and I’m not too proud to recommend stuff from a competitor if I think it’s good. So here you go, and thanks to Pixated for this week’s blog 🙂

Every week we explore the latest in all things branding, eCommerce, social media and web, and shine a light on actionable insights you can use to pivot your brand in today’s ever-changing business environment. So let’s get straight into it…

😎 1. Will your brand incorporate these social trends as we look ahead to 2023?

  • As major social brands recap their top content of 2022, others would do well to take note and harness the zeitgeist as we move into the new year.
  • TikTok published its annual report of the year’s hottest trends, which offers a clear overview of the types of content that have performed best on the platform. This is invaluable to know for your own content marketing efforts, especially if you’re looking to utilise the increasingly popular TikTok Ads.
  • When it comes to Instagram, the platform is already living in 2023. Meta’s survey of Gen Zers found that the demographic has great interest in more ‘mature’ topics that you might consider incorporating into your campaigns: inflation, sustainability and education.
  • Given Gen Zers’ spending power, this could be the perfect time for you to start ideating campaigns that cater to their tastes and interests.

💻 2. Massive new additions to Microsoft Advertising

  • Microsoft has unveiled some big changes to its PPC advertising system. Like its three new auto-generated remarketing lists, which will help you improve performance. There’s a list for all visitors, a list for all converters, and a smart remarketing list.
  • A new calendar will appear in the ad scheduling section, displaying an overview of when your ads will be served. You can also look forward to expanded coverage of property promotions and hotel ads. Property promotions are available in 138 markets, hotel ads in 147, so your odds of taking advantage are superb!
  • The new flyer extensions feature means you can now display images next to textual ads. Microsoft is also developing a feature that lets you retract a conversion.
  • Microsoft Advertising’s latest features are just part of the tech giant’s incredibly ambitious efforts to overtake Google. They’re definitely worth testing if you run ads on the platform!

🎉 3. What to expect from the biggest trends in 2023

  • Just now we looked at the biggest trends from 2022, and how you can draw on them to power your socials in the new year. But what new trends are we likely to see come 2023?
  • Connected TV has seen unprecedented growth in 2022, and many major viewing events like live sports have been moving onto streaming platforms. Furthermore, this year both Netflix and Disney+ announced plans to offer ad-supported tiers for lower subscription fees.
  • According to Microsoft Advertising, 77% of people worldwide prefer spending on brands that practice green and sustainable advertising. The industry might want to look at working more collaboratively to reduce the environmental impact of digital advertising, while providing guidance and education about how we can all do our bit.
  • Advertising in 2023 will be impacted by innovations spanning connected TV, retail media and sustainability. If you want to maximise your own marketing in the new year, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the most of these opportunities for your own brand.

📺 4. How are advertisers approaching YouTube Shorts?

  • As well as Instagram’s recent pivot to Reels, Google’s YouTube Shorts have logged a cool 30 billion daily views. Ads started running globally on Shorts in May, but they’re yet to significantly impact Google’s bottom line.
  • You can purchase YouTube Shorts only through video action, performance max, app installs or discovery campaigns, which allocate budgets across your inventory. As of 2023, YouTube will start sharing its ad revenue with Shorts creators.
  • The creative experience on YouTube Shorts is markedly different to that on Reels, because the ad has to better match the type of mindset and user experience.
  • If you’re yet to venture into the Reels or YouTube Shorts spaces, they could be a valuable platform for advertising your brand—especially as some of the content you use on TikTok can translate well onto YouTube, and vice versa.

📈 5. Nestlé doubles down on eCommerce

  • The world’s biggest food processing company is getting keen on eCommerce. Nestlé sees it as a priceless opportunity—and right now its data-driven digital transformation is boosting across all categories and geographies.
  • Nestlé is moving toward a more relevant and personalised connection with its customers, and has built a network of almost 30 eContent studios.
  • The food giant is also further digitalising its supply chains, and manufacturing to transform its operations. When it comes to digital marketing, by 2025 the company plans to have boosted its investment by 50%.
  • This is ‘food for thought’ for any brand considering exploring eCommerce, or even transforming itself into an eCommerce-driven platform, and thinking about how its business could be effectively digitalised if necessary.