A really helpful and interesting report this month, for marketers like me at least,  from Global Web Index.

What do we know about today’s consumer?

  • 50% research brand or products via search engines, and 41% via social networks
  • Digital consumers have on average 3.2 devices
  • 73% second-screen using their mobile phone while also watching TV
  • 44% are now blocking ads online
  • 55% visited a brand’s website last month, and 24% watched a video made by a brand
  • 67% say their mobile is their most important device for accessing the internet
  • They have an average of 8 social media accounts, up from 3 in 2012
  • Free delivery is the most popular online purchase driver, at 59%

What does this tell us?
Today’s consumers are harder to reach than ever. They’ve taken control of their own purchase journey and are actively using search engines, social networks and other sources to find and research brands and products. Stretching their time and presence across a number of devices, social
platforms and websites also means they’re more difficult to pin down efficiently.

That’s where Touchpoints come in. Customer touchpoints are any point of contact between a business and a customer, be it an email, call centre, via a company website, etc. This doesn’t have to be directly instigated by the business. For instance, advertisements or third-party review sites are a form of customer touchpoints. Then there are lifestyle touchpoints in terms of engaging with your potential cusomers wherever they choose to be.

This is an area we explore in great detail in our Business Workshops. We don’t just look at demographics like age and sex, but we also work through exercises such as “If we spent a day with one of them, where are all the opportunities to engage?” Where are they at different points in the day? How do they think? What are their media Ccnsumption habits? How do they interact professionally and socially? Where is their Value Focus?

If you’d like to find out more about looking at customer and prospect touchpoints fr your own products and services, call Pam on 020 7099 4907 or email pamvick@caspiaconsultancy.co.uk