Our friends at Handpicked Society believe that business should help to solve the worlds problems, and have a lasting positive impact on society, the economy and the planet and that “Responsible business is good business”. Their recent research shows that there are 4 drivers that make a responsible business strategy an essential consideration for every business as we look to the future:

  1. Expectations of society are changing
  2. Investors’ expectations are changing
  3. Mutual accountability for supply chains
  4. Governance and regulation

This is what Handpicked Society have announced today:

“In the future business will contribute positively to a fair and thriving society. It will help restore the natural environment and continue to protect it. That is responsible business and the companies that create this future will be profitable; benefitting employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the wider  community. All other companies will cease to exist.

Helping businesses play their part for society, the economy and the planet is our purpose. That’s why we’ve partnered with Future-Fit Foundation, developers of the Future-Fit Business benchmark.

The Future-Fit Business benchmark is a strategic management tool underpinned by 30 years of scientific research that is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is founded in the principle that business has the power not only to generate profits for shareholders but at the same time create a thriving and fair society and protect the natural resources on which humanity and all other life depends.”

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