When you’re building a website, creating your social media profiles, submitting articles for media publicaton and all those other projects where you need a photograph of yourself, don’t be tempted to scrimp on the cost. Don’t choose a photographer based on cost, ask a mate to take a photo or try to get by with a selfie taken with your mobile. In the long term your brand or your business will suffer.

It’s not just PR photos either, but every image that you use in collaterals or in marketing materials, including your website. Low quality images, especially when used along with generic stock photos, not only give off a poor impression, but also don’t show off your brand personality effectively.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and it’s true. It’s vital in PR and marketing for any small business owner or start-up founder to make sure your images convey the right message to your audience. If someone knew nothing about your business or you personally, other than what they could see from a single photo, how would they describe you/your business?

We are living in an increasingly image-led world and we’ve all seen the Linked In profile photo mistakes that are a real turn off when someone has asked you to connect – there are some handy tips (and screamingly funny photos) on what NOT to do here and it’s really worth taking a look at some more of them here.

Never underestimate what a photographer can do for your brand. Outside of the business of actually taking the photos, a good photographer can advise on the kind of images you need to show your business to its best advantage, provide lighting and professional backdrops and develop creative ideas to really make you stand out from the crowd.

I am one of the most unphotogenic people in the world (I generally look like a turnip) but take a look at some of the photos on my own site taken by the wonderful https://www.andreeatufescu.com/personal-branding-photography. Worth every penny. And here’s a true story. Last week I was contacted by a prospect who had been looking for some marketing help for their business, a plumbing company. I asked why they had decided to call me as opposed to other marketig companies they had looked at websites for. They said they liked my photos – they said I looked professional but friendly and approachable.

Job done.