“This session is all about looking at the world of audience measurement from an advertising, and advertiser perspective.

I believe we are fast approaching a tipping point. We have for years inhabited a world within which the most important, some would say the only thing that mattered was how many ‘somethings’ you bought, and at what price.

This was the world of trading; the world where the biggest number always wins; the world where ‘big’ beats ‘precise’ every time.

How else to explain the US upfront system? Or the preference (again in the US) for programme ratings as the trading metric as opposed to audiences to commercials?

How often do we see ‘oh but it generates clicks’ as a justification for some inane piece of editorial content? Why does that matter? Because in the heads of Publishers and Editors click volume equals advertising revenue. They’re not wrong, but they should be…………….

…………………..Why does the industry ignore ad fraud within programmatic buying even though everyone knows it happens at scale? Because fraudulent clicks mean bigger numbers and bigger numbers are good.”

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