Tracking the competition is a tough job. Similarweb’s 10-step guide shows you how to do it quickly so you can take on the competition.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Track the industry leaders to see how they’re staying on top
  • Create a head-to-head comparison of your company vs. your 4 biggest competitors
  • Leverage powerful data to reveal opportunities to grow your traffic and market share

Competition online has soared to new heights over the past two years. Customers are living more of their lives online thanks to
COVID-19. To accelerate your success in this unprecedented environment, you need to know exactly what competitors are doing online.

But, how do you win market share when brands are battling it out in a highly saturated market? The only way to get ahead is to outsmart the competition by understanding their weaknesses and playing to your own strengths so that you can seize competitive opportunities.

Here’s your 10-step guide to take them on…download it here.