REPORT: Digital Experience & Conversion Benchmarks
How does your website or app’s digital experience compare to the industry average? How does your industry’s digital experience compare to others? How should you approach digital experience to improve your bottom line?

To answer those questions, the data scientists at Medallia crunched the numbers on 6.5 billion user sessions across 11 industries to establish digital experience benchmarks for 2022. Analysing factors such as frustration, engagement, navigation, forms, and technical performance, this benchmarking report uncovers new insights to help you transform the experiences on your website and app.

Download the report to learn:

  • Which industries offer the best and worst digital experiences
  • How user frustration and engagement levels vary across industries
  • How digital experience impacts conversion in each industry
  • How and why users behave differently online across specific industries

What is Digital Experience, and Why Does it Matter?

Digital experience refers to the quality of interaction between businesses and customers online — typically through websites and apps. We’re in an era where customers expect businesses to provide websites and apps that load promptly with intuitive interfaces regardless of device. As businesses’ approach to digital matures, they can start offering customers more personalised and engaging online experiences that keep them returning to (and spending more through) a website or app time and time again. With the pandemic-led upheaval shifting much of consumer demand online, digital experiences on websites and apps have become a pivotal competitive battleground.

For organisations serious about catering to the growing base of online customers, investing in digital experience optimisation has become paramount. This benchmarking study reveals the latest trends in digital experience, detailing what frustrates, engages, and converts customers across 11 industries. These benchmarking insights can become a decisive guide for brands looking to deliver digital experiences on websites and apps that boost conversion, and ultimately, their bottom line. You can download the full report here for free.

If you need help in terms of your website optimisation or your customer digital experience in general you can see some of our webiste development work for other clients here. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch.