According to e-Marketer, for many marketers, conversations on social networks have become a key source of information during the coronavirus pandemic. A March 2020 survey conducted by Gartner found that just over half (51%) of marketing leaders worldwide turned to social listening platforms for “rapid information about consumers’ changing preferences, habits and expectations during the COVID-19 crisis.”

For insight on how marketers are using social listening to help navigate the pandemic, e-Marketer spoke with Brian Wright, social media listening and intelligence leader at Wells Fargo, about strategy, technology and measuring ROI.  Brian explains their set up:

“We have a real-time listening team that focuses on conversations that are being shared every day. We also have a deep-listening team that is more aligned with the directional research we do, analyzing conversations that complement the real-time team. The two work really well together to provide a broader picture of what’s going on with consumers and competitors.”

Read the full interview with Brian here

But even smaller brands with limited resources can benefit from some of the social media tools that are now available. This article compares a few of the suppliers who you might want to check out, as does this one – but you can also just call us here at Caspia at any time to find out how we can help to monitor not only your own social media and your competitors social feeds, but also to advise on how you can follow trends, monitor conversations, improve customer service and better track your social media ROI.