TikTok’s for teens, Facebook’s for moms, and millennials still love Insta best, right? We all know different generations use social media differently. But is it really as simple as that? Take the guesswork out of your social strategy, and learn the how and why behind each generation’s social media behaviors. We all know generations use social media differently. But the real questions are how? And why? And what does it mean for brands?

Check out GWI’s generational infographic to find out things like:

  • Baby boomers are 2.5x more likely to say they don’t trust recommendations by social media influencers at all
  • Gen Z are the only generation who are most likely to discover new brands through social media advertising
  • WhatsApp is the third-fastest growing app among millennials and baby boomers

Get the answers you need to skyrocket your social media strategy.

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