ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for marketers, helping you to work smarter and save time in lots of different ways. But just like working with human colleagues, the trick to getting the most from this AI is knowing how to communicate clearly, so it understands exactly what you want it to do for you, and how.

There’s a growing trend of “prompt engineering” which focuses on how to construct perfect prompts to achieve your goals, but this is overselling the idea a little. ChatGPT is a Large Language Model (LLM) capable of generating text and computer code based on human instructions and, as such, the whole point is that it can be instructed using plain language, so you don’t need to be an “engineer” you just need to appreciate how to explain your needs clearly.

So here’s the good news; the first on Meltwater’s list of ChatGPT prompts for marketing is a prompt that will instruct the AI to actually help you improve your prompts to get better results. If you want ChatGPT to produce something better than its usual generic responses, use this tool to build and refine a prompt that will work beautifully.

Table of Contents

  • The ChatGPT Marketing Meta-Prompt

  • How to Train ChatGPT on Your Brand Tone of Voice

  • How to Use ChatGPT to Create Marketing Emails from Existing Product Information

  • How to Use ChatGPT for Alternative Subject Line Ideas

  • How to Use ChatGPT to Easily Create Social Media Posts

  • How to Use ChatGPT to Create Optimized Web Copy from Basic Information

  • How to Use ChatGPT to Find New Product Use Cases

  • How to Use ChatGPT to Create Marketing Buyer Personas

  • How to Use ChatGPT for Market Research

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