This week’s WFH blog looks at some legal and HR considerations you should be thinking about, if you have employees working from home, as most businesses now do.

This advice comes with thanks to our friends at Fortune Law, a commercial law firm specialising in working with Founders, Entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Their advice for businesses with employees working from home now includes reviewing standard employment contract clauses and, where possible, tailoring them to encompass homeworking. For example:

• Taking appropriate measures to protect confidential information and personal data.
• Reviewing the health and safety implications of the arrangements, including carrying out a risk assessment.
• Deciding whether any special equipment should be provided.
• Considering whether any special planning or insurance arrangements are required.
• Deciding what arrangements should be made for the management and supervision of certain types of homeworkers.

Fortune Law stress that there is no need to panic if your current contracts of employment don’t cover some of the points they raise:

There is no need to be unduly concerned if the contracts you have in place do not cover all, or even most of the above. You should consider what is covered and what is not. Where terms need to be varied, we can make those changes swiftly and prepare email communications with your team on your behalf so you can consult with them and agree changes with them. For the most part, these changes should cover you for future working arrangements and provide protection and flexibility.”

Read the full advice article below.

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