“I need a brochure.”

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard this when I have asked prospective clients what their objective is or what they need in terms of help when they call me.

My answer is always “Why?” and their response is often “Because I don’t have one” or “Because we need a new one”.

This is 100% starting from the wrong end of a marketing plan, pure and simple.

So here’s what I tell these business owners when they call me.

Firstly, work out what your objective is and your target market. For example; “I want to recruit new, younger users to my brand” or “I want existing customers to spend more per transaction” or “I need to cross sell better”.

Only then can you decide on the best marketing strategy and marketing channel to achieve that objective. And only once you’ve decided those should you even start to think about what products or content or collaterals you need.

The answer is usually NOT a brochure.

marketing plan