Putting your team on the bench?

Many of you will already be carrying out immediate cash flow forecasting, speaking to your landlords about rental holidays or revised lease terms, discussing how best to pay your suppliers and revise credit terms. Many of you will also be looking to implement the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) for certain of your team members.

The focus of this briefing note is on furloughing and practical points for employers. With many thanks as always to our great friends at Fortune Law, a boutique firm working with Entrepreneurs and Founders.

  • Q1 What do the terms “furloughed” and “laid off” mean?
  • Q2 What do employers need to do practically to take advantage of the CJRS?
  • Q3 Do employers have to top-up the 80% HMRC payment?
  • Q4 Can furloughed employees work at all on a voluntary basis?

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