Fortune Law Academy presents “Law for Entrepreneurs”

Because we have worked for almost 20 years with start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses of every kind, in many sectors, we often come across legal issues which need to be resolved as part of our work helping these business owners and their investors. These may relate to intellectual property, shareholder agreements, employment contracts, supplier contracts, commercial leases and many more.

We are not commercial legal experts, but luckily we know a firm that is. We have worked with Fortune Law for almost 15 years now and are always confident in referring clients to them.

Shainul Kassam, a Founder herself,  established the Fortune Law Academy in 2017 to share legal knowledge, skills and experience with their founder community of clients. This led to a partnership with Imperial College Business School where Shainul now teaches “Law for Entrepreneurs” on their Executive MBA course.

Two weeks ago the latest Fortune Law Academy initiative was launched – Law for Entrepreneurs – a free video series where you can learn more about legal issues commonly faced by founders (such as how to protect your brand) as well as how to deal with issues of the moment (such as Covid-19 advice for small businesses). Here’s the trailer:

In How To Protect Your Brand: Trade Marks Episode 1 Eleanor Williams explains what steps you should take when starting up, scaling up or as an established company, in order to protect your brand.

In Understanding Contracts: Overview Tycho Orton discusses why contracts are important and you why should use written contracts in business.

In Covid-19: Practical Guidance for Small Businesses Shainul herself discusses key legal and commercial issues for small businesses in response to Covid-19 covering business planning, leases, employment, IT systems and data and the importance of your network.

In Covid-19: Risk Assessments she covers key legal and commercial issues for small businesses in response to Covid-19 covering guidance from the Government regarding returning to work and the obligation for businesses to carry out risk assessments in the workplace and best practice going forwards.

Fortune Law will be releasing more videos on the above topics and many more in the coming days and weeks. Subscribe to the Fortune Law YouTube channel for the latest videos. Also on their channel you will find the DRIVE series where founders tell their individual stories and discuss their personal challenges and triumphs across a range of industries from hospitality to technology, and from finance to fashion.

If you would like to discuss any of the decisions you are making in these challenging times, or have any other questions, you can contact Fortune Law via 020 3709 9670 or