Outgrown BNI? Chambers of Commerce not your thing? FSB a bit too faceless? Or just looking for a new business network to add to your current network(s)?

This week’s blog is shameless shout-out for my own The Kensington Business Network, which is looking for new members at the moment. We started as a breakaway from a BNI group in London W8, and have been growing slowly but selectively for around 10 years now. All the founder members are individuals who have developed sound business relationships of mutual trust over a number of years. We have all tried various other London business networking groups at various stages in our business lives but felt we had outgrown them. So we created this “grown-up” networking group of professional, committed business owners to improve the focus on delivering real revenues for each other.

We have purposely kept the group small (14 members currently) for maximum engagement, but every member is vetted and fully committed and we refer a huge amount of business to each other. We’re in the process of launching a new website and as part of that push, we are also actively seeking new members in specific sectors where we feel there would be a good fit with the rest of the group, and where we believe the referral opportunities are greatest.

Don’t worry too much about the “Kensington” bit of our name – although we often meet at my business club Kensington Pavilion (once we’re not on Zoom again), we rotate the hosting every week, and the host chooses the venue – sometimes their office, sometimes a club. We are central London based though, and we do expect regular attendance.

We’re mainly, but not exclusively, B2B in focus, and current members cover sectors including marketing and business development (yep, that’s me!), IT strategy and software, graphic design, leadership development and business coaching, health and safety consultancy, event management, print management, utilities, insolvency services, business support, virtual assistance and insurance. Most of us are Founders and/or Business Owners.

Delivering Revenues

Over £250,000 in referred revenues to each other in the last 12 months; both ad hoc projects and retained fee income.

Offering Business Support

Got a tricky business issue? Want some general advice and support? Our monthly business clinic makes sure you get the support you need, benefitting from the extensive experience of the whole group. It’s like having a roomful of committed NEDs.

Sharing Business Networks, Door-Opening

This is a very well connected group of serious business professionals running successful companies. Mostly ex-corporate, we have an extremely strong network of contacts to open doors for like-minded business owners.

We’re looking for new members!

Have a look through the list below and see if you might fit. Don’t worry if you can’t find yourself on the list – this is just a selection from our full list of vacancies. Even if you’re not on the list, you’re still more than welcome to give us a try! We met on the first Tuesday of every month between 5pm and 7pm followed by drinks and a quiz (while on Zoom) and drinks and food in a local pub when we can get back together in person. You’re welcome to visit up to three times free of charge before deciding if you’re interested in applying to join.

  • An IFA (priority)
  • Accountant (priority)
  • Commercial Solicitor (priority)
  • Freelance (ideally) HR (priority)
  • Copywriter
  • Event Management
  • Wellbeing/Nutritionist
  • Food Hygiene
  • Recruitment Agency
  • Commercial Property Agent

Meetings are currently on Zoom but we hope for only a few more weeks. We’re planning for a summer party to celebrate face to face meetings again.

Interested? Get in touch for a no-obligation chat.