Fulcrum Chambers (Fulcrum) is an international firm focused exclusively on compliance, investigations, and defence across mixed sectors globally.

Determined to hit a climactic growth target through a long-term actionable plan, they consulted with Boardroom Advisors early in 2020 to focus on marketing positioning and long-term business development strategy (Boardroom Advisors is one of the organisations Pam Vick of Caspia Consultancy consults for as a specialist advisor to their clients).

Business Challenge

A new management team with ambitious growth targets required a 360-degree review of the business from a positioning and marketing point of view, with the objective of preparing a strategic business development plan for the next 5 years.

Part of this process meant that Fulcrum would need to prioritise how it branded itself through the face of most, if not all, businesses — their website. The direction and management of this major project, alongside the development of digital marketing capabilities and tools, would be a key focus.


Development of a full business development strategy and detailed plan for 2021/2022 and ongoing reporting templates for marketing metrics tracking and business development return on investment.

A new website that launched in October 2020 with content aligned with a clear marketing position.

New marketing partnerships with Law in Sport, French and Spanish UK Chambers of Commerce and ongoing discussions with other potential partners

Read the full case study here on the Boardroom Advisors website.