In 2014, Caspia was appointed as marketing consultant to Women on Boards UK, an organisation with a social purpose – Women on Boards exists to provide information, encouragement and connections to help women get to the top within their own company or to take on a board or committee role as a non executive director (NED), trustee or governor.

One of the key objectives was to raise the profile of the organisation with key media in the UK, not just women-focused publications but the national press in particular.

Over the last 5 years, working closely with the MD of WOB UK, Fiona Hathorn, Caspia has succeeded not only is massively increasingly media coverage, but has also made WOB UK a “go-to” organisation for media outlets such as the BBC, Sunday Times and Financial Times when commenting on board related, gender paygap and governance issues and features.

Below are a few examples of specific coverage (you can click on the images to watch the videos and read the features) and you can see the full Impact and Media page here on WOB UK’s own website click here.