Mintel’s Global Consumer Trends 2023 combine global market and data analysis with impactful insight to provide a high-level overview of the key motivations and challenges that lie ahead for consumers.

By providing implications for the short, medium and long term, we highlight the most important issues that brands need to think about when it comes to engaging with consumers in an ever-changing world.

A preview of the Mintel 2023 Global Consumer Trends are below. Mintel clients can click here to log in and read a longer preview of the content ahead of the webinar:

·     Me Mentality: Consumers will be eager to re-focus on themselves and brands can help them take centre stage.

·     Power to the People: Brands have to make room for a new ‘c’ in their c-suite as consumers are investing, co-creating and voting for change alongside brands.

·     Hyper Fatigue: Consumers will try to cut through the noise and connect with what matters to them.

·     International Localism: Buying local will be a way consumers can protect themselves financially, environmentally and psychologically, and feel that they are giving back.

·     Intentional Spending: Factors like flexibility, durability and sustainability will play increasingly important roles in consumers’ value equation.


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