Business development and marketing experts who organise SME business owners still need organising themselves…..

 Once upon a time there was a marketing consultant called Pam (yes dear reader, it was me) who was a brilliant organiser. She had clear action plans for every client to help them grow their businesses, she kept detailed lists of what needed doing, by when, her diary was impeccably managed and she made sure everything that needed doing was completed on time and on budget, with results and return on investment carefully tracked and recorded. 

However, when it came to her own personal life, things were rather different. She still kept detailed task lists, but the lists just seemed to get longer and longer and even important things didn’t get done on time, if at all. She tried setting alerts so that reminders popped up when tasks were due, but she just moved them to the next day, or the next week. Whilst her professional life was meticulously managed and organised, everything else was falling apart. From buying birthday gifts on time to home repairs and maintenance, shopping and travel plans, the lists got longer and longer……

Then one day when trying (unsuccesfully) to plan a house move, she realised that things couldn’t go on like this, and she hired a virtual PA assistant.

At that point my life was transformed. By Ashley from One Stop Organisers.

She has managed 5 house moves for me now, and also sources people I need like tradespeople, often even being there when I can’t to brief and supervise the jobs that need doing.  They also manage decluttering projects or just one-off filing reorganisation. They have a new service too called Helping Hands, for seniors who want some support and help with everyday tasks.

On the business side, I have also used another fantastic service which I have also recommended to my small business owner clients, and that’s Designated Group’s Virtual PA assistant service.

Many small business owners like me don’t need a full time person sitting in an office, but they do need administrative support from someone organised, efficient and experienced. Designated’s packages start from £23 per hour and you can sign up online in a few minutes.

Thy also provide other business support services like bookkeeping and finance support services.

So if you’re a small business owner who needs a bit of support – either at work or at home, don’t wait until you are drowning like I did; give them a call now. Trust me, you’ll never regret it.