Sometimes you just have to think creatively

Our Managing Director Pam Vick just dug these ads for Oxfam out of the Caspia archives. Pam was working for Leo Burnett Advertising at the time, who weren’t even the official agency for Oxfam.  Along with a creative team and one of the media planners at Leo Burnett,  she developed a campaign for Oxfam shops showcasing that there are some fantastic fashion finds to be had for the clever shopper who’s prepared to spend some time digging through the racks. 

The team knew that Oxfam probably didn’t have the budget for a major fashion press campaign, so they persuaded a fashion photographer to shoot the ads below on the back of an existing fashion shoot, using the same models but dressing them in Oxfam clothes the team had sourced by trawling around many shops.

They then persuaded media owners of fashion magazines to run the ads for free whenever they had a slow advertising month. And printed lots of postcard versions of each ad that Oxfam could distribute through the shops themselves and at events.

The idea was then taken to Oxfam, who agreed to run the campaign. This was a great example of creative thinking and pro bono work for a charity that still allowed the agency to develop great ads to showcase their skills.

Today, Pam makes sure that the same kind of creative thinking is applied to all our clients’ work, no matter how big or small the project. We can’t promise you free photography or free press ads, but we can promise you that we’ll do our utmost to get you a great deal.