“I do really, really need a brochure.”

So in a previous post I explained that in my experience, most clients who ask for a brochure don’t really need one; they generally need something else.

BUT if after discussion we decide that actually you DO need a brochure, then obviously we can help.

Client The Gallery Partnership needed a new corporate brochure to explain the breadth of IT services they provide to charities, for charity clients who may only use one service so might be unaware of the full range of help that Gallery can provide. For example in terms of specialist software for grant makers, case management software, Cloud services, security advice on cyber crime, website design and build and much more.

Caspia’s charity specialist copywriter and graphic designer worked with Gallery’s marketing department to agree a clear brief and develop the design and content, then Caspia helped to choose the right print supplier for this specific project.

The brochure was printed in hard copy format for use at events but can also be downloaded.

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