Since Google debuted its Search Generative Experience (SGE) AI-based interface in beta three months ago, it’s made a lot of updates to alleviate early concerns from testers.

“It hasn’t improved as much as I think it needs to to be a viable product anytime this year,” said Lily Ray, senior director of SEO and head of organic research at Amsive Digital. “But it’s clear that they’ve made some improvements,” including improved results accuracy, which Ray called a “win” for Google.

While Google’s penetration dwarfs rival Microsoft’s, it’s still in a race with the Seattle-based company—which recently launched its new Bing Chat in Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari desktop browsers—to prove its AI-based experience will keep it on top.

More video: In addition to tackling speed and accuracy issues, Google is also incorporating more video into its SGE results where appropriate, such as for recipe inquiries. It’s a defensive move against people searching directly on TikTok, and it could push more users to YouTube Shorts.

“I’m sure it’ll keep a lot more people in the Google ecosystem by having video,” said Ray. “I imagine that YouTube will work great for them to keep people in the search results if that’s their goal.”

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