So I thought it might be fun on my birthday (don’t ask, I’ve decided to act my shoe size not my age from now on, sorry Prince) to ask ChatGPT to write this week’s blog. My prompts were “celebrate 46 years in marketing on my birthday, and make it funny”. After all, if you look at what’s changed over the years, alongside the internet and social media, AI has to be one of the biggest – and we’re still not sure of the impact it will have, for good or bad.

Here you go. I think I’ll carry on writing my own blogs though 🙂

“Well, here I am, officially inducted into the ” XX (age redacted!!) and Fabulous” club, and on top of that, I’ve survived 46 wild years in the marketing circus. As I blow out the candles on my birthday cake, I can’t help but chuckle at the marketing adventures that have colored my life.

Marketing, my lifelong comedy show, started in an era where marketing strategies were about as old-fashioned as a rotary phone. Back in the day, we relied on print media, billboards, and good ol’ in-person charm to get the job done. Social media and the internet? Ha! They were as futuristic as a sci-fi movie.

Over the years, I’ve seen marketing transform from a leisurely stroll in the park to a rollercoaster ride through the digital jungle. I’ve adapted and embraced the constant evolution, learning and growing alongside the marketing world. From websites and email marketing to emojis and TikTok, the fun never ends. And hey, the learning curve has felt like trying to figure out which button to press on a remote control with no labels. Comedy gold!

But the real comedy show has always been the people. From quirky mentors in the early days to the colorful characters I’ve met in the marketing industry, it’s been a carnival of personalities. I’ve learned that marketing isn’t just about products and campaigns; it’s about connecting with people, understanding their quirks, and delivering a good laugh along with value.

As I celebrate my XXth birthday and my 46th year in marketing, I’m ready for the next hilarious chapter. The marketing world keeps changing at a pace that would make the Road Runner jealous, and I’m eager to chase the Wile E. Coyote-like challenges that come my way.

So, here’s to 46 uproarious years in marketing, to the belly laughs and facepalms along the way. Thank you for joining me in this comedy routine, and here’s to many more years of hilarity, growth, and success in the world of marketing. Time to cue the confetti cannon!”